Revive Youthful Radiance

Discover the Secret to Firmer, Lifted Skin with Gentle Electrical Stimulation.
Microcurrent technology boosts collagen and elastin production,
effectively firming your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Lifted and Contoured Face

GPskin Duo specifically targets deep facial muscles, effectively lifting and firming the contours of your face so it enhances your complexion for a more lifted appearance. By stimulating muscle activity with adjustable microcurrents, it promotes a more sculpted appearance and reduces sagging and fine lines.

Bright, Plump & Healthy Skin!

GPskin Duo promotes microcirculation, delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to cells. This accelerates skin renewal, fades pigmentation, and enhances radiance for a vibrant complexion.

Experience reduced puffiness and improved skin circulation with GPskin Duo. By enhancing blood flow to the skin, it helps to alleviate congestion and promote a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Boost Skincare Absorption

Maximize the effectiveness of your skincare products with GPskin Duo, which facilitates deeper absorption of active ingredients into the dermis. By enhancing penetration,
it ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of your
favorite serums and creams.

Timeless Skin.
Anywhere You Go!

GPskin Duo is crafted for individuals with a busy lifestyle, this portable device addresses aging signs wherever and whenever you need.

Tailor your treatment to suit your individual needs with GPskin Duo's adjustable microcurrent feature. Choose from two intensity levels to customize your experience and achieve optimal results.

  • Warm massage

    Using an eccentric roller with heat in a warm massage boosts skincare absorption, penetrates active ingredients deeply, improves blood circulation, and smoothens skin texture.

  • Advanced Microcurrent

    Low-level electrical currents mimic natural body signals, stimulating muscles to improve firmness, elasticity, and skin cell metabolism.

  • 3D texture roller

    Designed with an eccentric shaft for dynamic manual massage techniques, targeting various skin areas to promote circulation, muscle relaxation and improve texture.

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GPskin Duo is a beauty instrument that revives cell activity, diminishes wrinkles, lifts facial contours, and combines an eccentric roller with temperature and heat, plus microcurrent technology.

+ what's included?

  • Usb charging cabel
  • Quick start guide

+ Warranty & Return Policy

GPskin Duo is covered under a manufacturer's warranty for 1year from the date of delivery on your original order.

  • KC Safety Certification 
  • EU Safety Certification
  • Regulatory Compliance Mark
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  • Step 1

    Use skin care products, wet adequately to the care parts before use.
    Frequency of use: the nursing time of the same part does not exceed 5minutes.
    Press the button for about 2seconds to boot.
    The first indicator light is on.
    Click the button to select the nursing intensity.

  • Step 2

    Facial use (5minutes)
    Roll along the neck, from top to bottom. The middle of the forehead scrolls toward the temple direction curve. From the corner of the mouth to the back of the ear. Roll along the contour line to the back of the ear.

  • Step 3

    Use of scapula (5 miutes)
    Along the collabone, moving from inside to outside, along the neck, moving from top to bottom. Moving from the head-neck junction to the outside

  • After device use

    After each use, the metal heads should be cleaned by paper after use to avoid the accumulation of grease and other residues.

  • Device Not Waterproof

    The GPSKIN Duo is not waterproof. To ensure its proper functionality and prevent any potential damage or electrical hazards, please keep the device away from water and refrain from using it in wet or damp conditions. Do not wash it with water or contact with metal objects.

  • Device Storage:

    Do not put it in the bathroom and other wet places, avoid short circuit.
    Store the device in a designated dry location to safeguard its integrity.

  • Regular Charging:

    Charge the device at least once a month to sustain optimal battery performance; prolonged discharges may adversely affect battery lifespan.