Joshua Han


Joshua Han, founder of GPSKIN, is the father of two children who have suffered from atopic dermatitis, a serious chronic skin condition, since birth.


Inspired by his children's skin condition and drawing on his background as a semiconductor engineer, joshua partnered with the esteemed Seoul Medical Centre to develop a
revolutionary device that enables at-home skin barrier diagnosis and multi-modality treatment.


GPSkin allows customers to regain control over their skin wellness from the convenience of their own home, with ongoing treatment at an accessible price.

Our Mission

GPSKIN aims to discover and enhance your beauty through the power of technology.
As a pioneering beauty tech brand, we collaborate with dermatologists, skincare therapists, makeup artists,
and technology experts who share our belief in the unique beauty of every individual.
Our mission is to research and develop highly personalised beauty care solutions to
ensure everyone's beauty shine even more brilliantly.