The At-Home Device That Uses AI to Analyse Your Skin in Under 10 Seconds!

The At-Home Device That Uses AI to Analyse Your Skin in Under 10 Seconds!

The At-Home Device That Uses AI to Analyse Your Skin in Under 10 Seconds!

By Marie-Antoinette Issa on 18 April 2024


 When it comes to beauty, Koreans just do it better. With the latest proof of this evident in the introduction of GPSKIN to the Australian market. A hand-held device, powered by AI technology, the GPSKIN marks a significant milestone in the realm of at-home skin care. And, promises to revolutionise the way individuals analyse and treat their skin concerns in the comfort of their own homes. Because, sure professional LED and laser treatments are amazing. But, who has the time (or cash!) for that?

Analysis AND advanced treatments

With its swift skin analysis capabilities and advanced treatment protocols, GPSKIN sets a new standard for personalised skin care.

At the heart of GPSKIN lies a commitment to harnessing the power of AI to unlock beauty potential. Developed in collaboration with dermatologists, skin care therapists, makeup artists and technology experts, this innovative beauty tech brand aims to empower consumers with personalised skin care experiences. The brains behind GPSKIIN is CEO Joshua Han. Whose personal journey in addressing his daughter’s skin condition inspired the inception of a device that merges scientific expertise with practical application.


How GPSKIN uses AI to assess your complexion

In order to utilise GPSKIN’s AI technology to assess your complexion, users are required to download the “GPSKIN Remedy” app.

Once the device is fully charged, simply hold it against your cheek for a quick 10-second skin measurement. The results, displayed within the app, provide a comprehensive score .Evaluating various aspects of your skin including its barrier strength, moisture levels, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Based on this assessment, the app generates a numerical score out of 100. Along with a tailored treatment plan incorporating the four available treatment protocols. Following this, users can proceed to cycle through four treatments, which collectively take around seven minutes. This allows for customisation of the treatment according to individual seasonal skin changes.


And, what does the device then do about it?

After the assessment phase, GPSKIN doesn’t just stop at providing insights. Instead, it offers a proactive approach to addressing identified skin concerns. Once the user receives the comprehensive score and treatment plan within the app, they are equipped to take action. By cycling through the four treatment protocols – LED therapy, Microcurrent, High Frequency, and Iontophoresis – users can actively engage in addressing their specific skin needs. This not only empowers individuals to take charge of their skin care routine but also ensures a personalised approach to maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Through this seamless integration of assessment and treatment, GPSKIN delivers a holistic solution that adapts to the unique requirements of each user, ultimately revolutionising the way we approach skin care.

What truly sets GPSKIN apart is its ability to tailor treatment plans based on individual skin needs. Users receive personalised recommendations derived from the comprehensive analysis, allowing them to address specific concerns effectively. The device’s versatility is further enhanced by its four treatment modalities, each targeting different aspects of skin health, from enhancing elasticity to combating acne causing bacteria.

Moreover, GPSKIN doesn’t just stop at the device itself. The brand offers complementary skin care products like the Ceraqua Cream, enriched with Nobel Prize-winning Aquatide peptide, to enhance the efficacy of the treatment regimen. This holistic approach underscores GPSKIN’s commitment to delivering transformative results backed by scientific rigour.

The efficacy of GPSKIN is supported by clinical evidence. With one study demonstrating a remarkable 166% improvement in various skin conditions among participants over a four-week period. With these results validating the device’s effectiveness and positioning it as a potential game-changer on the at home skin care landscape.

The GPSKIN retails for RRP $690 at The accompanying app can be downloaded at AppStore and Google Play

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